A Letter From Jody's Twin


Dear Jody, I have been going through a lot of pictures at mom's house. It has made me so happy to look through and find the ones of us. Every single one of them, we are dressed alike and some I cannot tell us apart. 

I think about how simple life was when we were growing up. How we were always together- always had the same room, same classes and same friends -makes me feel so good inside to think about these memories.

One of my favorite times growing up was Christmas. I remember how dad made it so special. It wasn't even just about the gifts it was about all the family time. I remember how the week before Christmas we would sit around the fireplace every night and dad would read "A Christmas Carol" to us by Charles dickens. As we got older, we wished we were somewhere else. But when I look back now, they were such wonderful memories with all the family together.
Having Nana there and all the cooking that mom would do. I feel I can still smell it. And Christmas morning how excited we were and dad would drag the gift opening for hours because he didn't want it to end.

I miss you so much :-) I always try to imagine that you are still with me-You and dad. And, hopefully you are both together.